Sci-riffic® also provides education and entertainment for Birthday parties and other special occasions using our LEGO® WeDo and EV3 robots. We can cater for up to twelve (12) people sharing a robot and laptop in pairs, or up to six (6) people where each person has access to their own robot and laptop.

Our party functions allow participants to create their own robot, as well as participate in a variety of activities that utilise all the standard sensors and motors. Activities may include Robot Diagnostic, Drag Race, Battle Bots, Maze Attack and Highway Patrol.

You will need to provide the venue, being your home or hall you may have hired. Why not host your own parent-child party? Our professional rates are shown below.

LEGO® Robotics Party Rate: 

$350 (for 2.5 hours), includes access to robots and laptops, and enough LEGO® pieces to participate in all the activities.

Please contact John to negotiate any other arrangement.

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  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for a great party for my son Will. He and his friends loved programming and building the robots. The races and contests with the finished robots was a lot of fun that really brought the day together.

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